TIGER Case Studies / Project Success Stories


TIGER Case Studies - English.pdf
TIGER Case Studies - English.pdf
TIGER Case Studies - French.pdf
TIGER Case Studies - French.pdf


EMEC has produced a series of ten TIGER Case Studies to highlight each stage of the tidal turbine deployment ‘life-cycle’ to collectively illustrate examples of cost reduction technology, successful deployment of offshore renewable energy in the Channel-Manche region, based on the work of the TIGER project.

The Case Studies are as follows:

  1. Influencing Economic Policy
  2. Finance and Insurance
  3. Optimal wave and current modelling for the Channel region
  4. Tidal Stream Site Selection
  5. Planning Consent & Grid Connection
  6. Design Development
  7. Testing & Validation
  8. Component Manufacture & Turbine Assembly
  9. Turbine Deployment & Entry Into Service
  10. Operate & Maintain, Recover & Decommission