TIGER Report: Consenting in France and the United Kingdom


English Version - Consenting in the UK
English Version - Consenting in the UK
French Version - Guide Autorisations France
French Version -  Guide Autorisations France


In order to foster the dynamics of the tidal energy sector, it is essential to guide developers and competent authorities through the various stages of project development, streamline the project authorisation process, improve knowledge by sharing available data and raise awareness among stakeholders. Facilitating site development and permitting processes will also reduce overall project costs.

The objective of this document is to establish methods and practices in project development and to disseminate them to the public and private sectors. The document has been written by providing UK and French case examples and is based on UK and French policies and legislation in force at the time of writing. The guide follows a chronological order corresponding to the order in which the project development stages take place. The report covers the project area, i.e. the English and French Channel.