TIGER Report: Cost reduction pathway of tidal stream energy in the UK and France




The aim of this work is to assess and quantify the cost reduction trends being seen in the tidal industry using recent knowledge captured from the Tidal Stream Industry Energiser (TIGER) Project and other sources. It has been designed to provide an up-to-date assessment, building on the previous ORE Catapult work from 2018, and map out a third party, credible cost reduction pathway for the sector.

The report attempts to meet the aim through achieving the following objectives:
• Devise a new LCOE trajectory, based on up-to-date evidence, representative of TSE technology targeting the wholesale market.
• Describe recent developments in the tidal stream sector in the UK, France and rest of world to put this work in context.
• Showcase key findings from TIGER and other projects that help to advance the cost reduction narrative.
• Encapsulate the wider tidal stream narrative by including commentary on additional benefits, including socio-economic benefits, local content and energy system benefits.