TIGER Webinar 4: Supply Chain Opportunities | Anti-fouling and anti-corrosion requirements of tidal turbines

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You are invited to join the fourth in a series of six supply chain seminar events as part of the TIGER project.

The webinar will raise awareness of anti-fouling and anti-corrosion resistance of tidal turbines and explore potential areas for collaboration to reduce maintenance costs. The aim is to accelerate the expansion and growth of the tidal energy sector, including the wider supply chain.

  • The event will be hosted by EMEC and facilitated by Hydroquest
  • To register for the event, please register on link below or sign up here


  • TIGER introduction & overview: Teo van der Kammen, Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult
  • OREC: John Walker
    Title: Impact of surface roughness on tidal turbine blade performance.
  • Hydroquest: Raphael Coquet
    Title: Hydroquest tidal turbines corrosion resistance strategy for long term deployment and maintenance cost reduction.
  • PML Applications Ltd: Tom Vance, Centre Manager with the Centre for Marine Biofouling and Corrosion
    Title: Biofouling prevention in high energy sites
  • Institut de la corrosion: Charles Leballeur
    Title: Collecting data for cathodic protection in the field of off-shore renewable energy
  • Q&A session

* Please note this live webinar will be recorded and made openly accessible as per Interreg funding requirements.

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