Ramsey Sound Regeneration Project

Developer: Cambrian Offshore South West
Location: South West Wales, Pembrokeshire, UK

Cambrian Offshore SW Ltd was formed to gain the assets of TEL and the Ramsey Sound site and upgrade these to provide an operational tidal turbine and tidal energy site.

Ramsey Sound is a key tidal deployment site, having consent, grid connection and ROC accreditation.

Cambrian acquired pre existing infrastructure at Ramsey Sound to accelerate the development cycle (>£10m already invested over four years) and fulfil the potential of the historic investment.

The project will recover and refurbish the existing assets and redeploy the device with a new turbine to deliver electricity to the grid and importantly capture valuable data and learning.

The vision is to deliver an operational tidal site at Ramsey Sound and build capacity for Cambrian Offshore SW Ltd.

The initial project budget is €6.3m over four years.

For further detail, including project timescales, technology, location details and logistics, please the see Cambrian Offshore’s meet the buyer data pack.