Oct 8 2021

Franco-British partnership: Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables and the UK Marine Energy Council sign a cooperation agreement for the development of renewable marine energies

2021-10-08T11:18:03+01:00octobre 8, 2021|Article, Press Release|

On September 22nd, during the Seanergy 2021 conference, which is dedicated to renewable marine energies, the French Renewable Energies Trade Association (SER) and the UK Marine Energy Council (UK MEC) signed a memorandum of understanding, making it possible to affirm and to organise their next collaboration for the development of the tidal energy sector.

Oct 5 2021

HydroQuest tidal turbine : End of tests on the EDF site in Paimpol Bréhat and new stages of development at the Raz Blanchard

2021-10-05T15:22:07+01:00octobre 5, 2021|Article, Press Release|

Immersed at the EDF test site in Paimpol Bréhat (Brittany) since April 2019, the 1MW tidal turbine designed by HydroQuest and built by the Cherbourg shipyard CMN, was disconnected from the electrical grid during various operations carried out between April and early September. The operations to remove the machine and its foundation from the

Oct 4 2021

Bathymetry campaign in the Gulf of Morbihan

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During the summer of 2021, SEENEOH in partnership with Universiťe Bretagne Sud and Morbihan Hydro Energies carried out a Bathymetry campaign of the sea bed in the Gulf of Morbihan. As a result they have acquired bathymetric and imaging data for the study of the Gulf of Morbihan. This study concerns the preparation of

Juin 22 2021

Améliorer la qualité des pales des hydroliennes

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Paimpol-Bréhat Tidal Test Site: Improving the quality of tidal turbine blades Within the framework of the TIGER  project, the University of Le Havre Normandie is carrying out a study on the in-situ ageing of structural bonding of composite materials using non-destructive ultrasonic methods (NDT ultrasound). The materials studied are conventional carbon-epoxy composite and recyclable

Mai 25 2021

Bringing tidal energy to the Isle of Wight – Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre seeks residents’ views

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Perpetuus Tidal Energy Centre (PTEC) is an important project to harness tidal energy as a renewable, reliable source of electricity. Placing tidal turbines in the sea off the south coast of the Isle of Wight will generate enough clean electricity to power thousands of homes. The project achieved full consent in 2016, but has

Mai 25 2021

TIGER project is on a mission to drive growth for tidal stream energy

2021-05-25T14:12:49+01:00mai 25, 2021|Article, Press Release|

Interreg’s biggest ever project Tidal stream industry energiser project (TIGER), has been on a mission to drive growth for the sector since its launch in late 2019. The €46 million project is a cross-border partnership between 18 UK and French organisations from research, business and regional agencies. Despite the challenges faced during Covid-19 pandemic, the

Mai 17 2021

SUT – The Underwater Technology Podcast

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Hear more about the TIGER project on the latest SUT Underwater Technology podcast, as Teo van der Kammen from ORE Catapult explains how the project is driving collaboration and cost reduction through #tidalturbine installations in the UK and France. To access the Podcast click here

Mai 4 2021

BLOG: Tidal Stream vs. Wind Energy: The value of cyclic power when combined with short-term storage in hybrid systems by Dr Danny Coles

2021-05-11T16:07:17+01:00mai 4, 2021|Article, Press Release|

Tidal stream energy is at the pre-commercialisation stage, with 29 MW of capacity installed globally to date. The UK has led the way in the development of tidal stream energy, with a total of 17 MW installed so far, and an additional 2 MW scheduled for installation in early 2021 [1]. UK projects with

Avr 9 2021

EMEC and QED Naval deploy flow measurement equipment at Yarmouth Harbour

2021-05-05T11:56:07+01:00avril 9, 2021|Article, Press Release|

As part of the INTERREG France (Channel) England TIGER project, EMEC and QED Naval have designed a resource characterisation survey plan and installed flow measurement equipment at a tidal test site near Yarmouth Harbour.    The operation was supported by local marine contractors, Cowes Harbour Services (CHS), using its multicat, Seaclear.    EMEC supplied the ADCP flow measurement equipment, seabed mounted frame, and

Mar 17 2021

Blog: Optimising future Orbital turbines through scaled tank testing as part of the TIGER project

2021-05-05T11:34:09+01:00mars 17, 2021|Article, Press Release, Uncategorised|

Calum Miller, Principal Engineer & Hydrodynamics Manager and R&D programme team leader at Orbital Marine Power describes how Orbital have used scaled tank testing to identify and de-risk innovations capable of accelerating cost reductions for tidal stream energy. At Orbital we are constantly striving to reduce the generating cost of tidal stream energy through

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