In 2020 the TIGER project organised a series of six supply chain webinars, developed in collaboration with leading tidal energy developers and other industry experts in order to open up supply chains and bring new ideas into the development of tidal stream energy.

Below is a summary of the content of each of the webinars, with links to presentations and video recordings of the sessions.

The TIGER project is supporting the development and delivery of six tidal stream projects all at various stages of development. Each video provides supply chain procurement details and contact information for tidal energy developers that are open to discuss new solutions with providers.

Further supply chain and meet-the-buyer events are planned for 2021. For updates on these, and other TIGER activities, please sign up for project updates.

  • Meygen subsea cables: Lessons learnt and future arrays – Fraser Johnson, Meygen O&M Manager
  • Orbital Marine Power’s O2: Supply chain engagement – Trevor Walls, Engineering Manager
  • Sabella subsea assets: Lessons learnt and future supply chain engagement – Erwann Nicolas, Engineering Manager
  • Synaptec’s platform for electrical protection: Subsea asset management monitoring techniques – Tom Morley, Business Development
  • Orbital Marine Power: Opportunities for steel fabricators in floating tidal energy – Mark McCarthy & William Annal, Mechanical and Structural Engineering Manager
  • SIMEC Atlantis Energy: AR series volume manufacture: lessons learnt and supply chain engagement – Fraser Johnson, MeyGen O&M Manager
  • Hydroquest: Design optimisation and industrial opportunities – Raphaël Coquet, Tidal Project Director
  • Sabella Emerging needs and requirements for seabed arrays – Erwann Nicolas, Engineering Manager
  • Minesto Composite needs in glider design: Emerging cross sectoral research on composites, certification and low cost deployment – Bernt Erik Westre, Chief Technical Officer
  • University of Edinburgh Fastblade: Engineering options for new materials technology and accelerated evaluation of turbine blades – Professor Conchur Bradaigh & Dr. Jeff Steynor
  • Ifremer: Testing composites in harsh saltwater environments – Peter Davies
  • National Composite Centre: Lower cost manufacturing techniques for composites and tooling for the tidal sector – Dr. Peter Giddings
  • Bureau Veritas: Validation and certification of emerging composite technologies
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Impact of surface roughness on tidal turbine blade performance – John Walker, Project Engineer
  • Hydroquest: Tidal turbines corrosion resistance strategy for long term deployment and maintenance cost reduction – Raphael Coquet, Tidal Project Director
  • PML Applications Ltd: Biofouling prevention in high energy sites – Dr. Tom Vance
  • Institut de la Corrosion: Collecting data for cathodic protection in the field of off-shore renewable energy – Charles Leballeur
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Pitch system health monitoring with machine learning algorithm for offshore wind turbines – Hyunjoo Lee, Knowledge Lead, Drive Trains
  • Meygen Limited: Meygen insight tidal stream condition monitoring – Fraser Johnson, Meygen O&M Manager
  • Hydroquest: Reliability from design – Mickael Tournabien, Electrical Engineer
  • Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult: Overview of ORE Catapult test facilities for tidal stream technology developers and supply chain – Stephen Robertson, Head of Business Development
  • Minesto AB Onshore and Offshore Operations: Opportunities in tidal stream renewables – David Collier, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dublin Offshore: Lessons learnt from marine energy mobilisation and deployment – Darren Hayes, Technical Director
  • Sabella Offshore operations for seabed arrays: Feedback and emerging needs – Erwann Nicolas, Head of Research and Development
  • James Fisher Mermaid: Marine Ops Weather Risk and Optimisation Software – Adam Leonard-Williams, Marine Operations and Metocean Consultant