Juin 10 2021

Tidal Stream Supply Chain – Meet the Buyer French sites webinar

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Tidal Stream Supply Chain “Meet the Buyer” French sites webinar: Developers share project plans and opportunities across six French and UK sites. Two supply chain webinars are planned on the 10th and 15th June where project and technology developers from tidal stream sites across the Channel in France and the UK will share the details

Juil 20 2020

TIGER Webinar 1: Subsea cables and connectors documents

2021-07-22T16:11:28+01:00juillet 20, 2020|

The first in a series of six supply chain seminars, supported by the Ocean Power Innovation Network, was held on July 9th 2020 and focused on subsea cables and connectors, aiming to integrate cross-sector supply chain capability and innovation into the development of world leading tidal energy projects. The webinar introduced supply chain companies to

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