Data collection, modelling and resource assessment are key stages in the planning of any tidal energy project. The Tidal Stream Industry Energiser (TIGER) project has published a summary report of relevant international standards and other industry guidelines, reviewing a range of methodologies for conducting site assessments. The best practice for data collection as baseline for tidal resource assessment and engineering design are presented with a focus towards comprehensive site surveys, rather than early-stage initial scoping studies. The report will be a guide to data collection for industry practitioners and researchers, as well as involved stakeholders, investors and decision-makers.

This report has been prepared by the University of Exeter in conjunction with other TIGER partners who sit on the project’s Survey Network Group. The University of Exeter would like to conduct follow-up research by canvassing opinions of those who have downloaded the document to assess its usefulness and identify further improvement opportunities to the Survey Network Group.

All stakeholders are invited to download the report and thus participate in the follow-up for feedback. The report is available for download in French and English ici