Développeurs sur ce site : Normandie Hydroliennes / Hydroquest

Normandie Hydroliennes’s Pilot Farm Tidal Turbines

Développeur : Normandie Hydroliennes
Site : Cap de la Hague Peninsular, Normandie, France

Thanks to TIGER's support, Normandie Hydroliennes (NH) will be showcasing the new generation of Proteus Marine Renewable’s AR series turbines. This new AR3000 turbine is the most powerful single-axis turbine in the world to date, each with an output of 3 megawatts. The AR3000 turbine has the potential to produce up to twice the power of previous systems. Four turbines AR3000 will be deployed at the NH1 pilot farm at Raz Blanchard, Normandy Hydroliennes.

For further detail, including project timescales, technology, location details and logistics, please the see the Normandie Hydroliennes meet the buyer data pack.

Fermes pilotes hydroliennes Hydroquest

Développeur : Hydroquest
Site : Cap de la Hague Peninsular, Normandie, France

With the support of the TIGER project, Hydroquest will carry out the detailed design of (and gain consent for) a 17MW tidal stream array in the Raz Blanchard. Hydroquest have also extended testing of their 1MW OceanQuest device at Paimpol-Bréhat (decommissioning planned in summer 2021).

Pour plus d’informations, y compris les délais de projet, la technologie, les précisions sur l'emplacement et la logistique, veuillez consulter le dossier de consultation de Hydroquest.