Exeter Tidal Turbine Impact Estimator (ETTIE) Tool


ETTIE User Guide V2
ETTIE User Guide V2


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is often required at the consenting stage of a tidal stream energy project. The ETTIE tool has been developed to make these assessments much quicker and allow them to be undertaken in-house.

The ETTIE tool is designed for design stage assessment and includes a wide range of common device designs and deployment scenarios, as described in the user guide and shown in the tool.

Results obtained using the ETTIE tool are indicative and rely on the inputs provided and the assumptions described in the user guide, and are therefore the responsibility of the user.

For any further information on the tool, please contact Stuart Walker at the University of Exeter (contact details are included in the user guide).

User guide

The PDF user guide explains step-by-step how to use the ETTIE tool to undertake LCA of a tidal stream energy deployment. The guide also describes the background to the tool and gives details on the standards and modelling methods used.


The XLSX tool can be used to undertake an LCA calculation for a planned deployment. The ETTIE user guide explains each step and provides background information which may be required for reporting results.