TIGER is actively supporting design and or installation up to 31.9MW of tidal turbine capacity.
SiteKey partnersLocationCurrent statusCapacity to be installedTechnology to be installedTimescale for deployment
Ramsey SoundCambrian Offshore SWPembrokeshire, UKFully developed tidal demo site with 400kW ROCsUp to 1MWTBC2021-22
Yarmouth HarbourQED NavalIsle of Wight, UKSite to be re-consentedup to 300kWCommunity scale SubHub with 3x Tocardo T1 turbines2021-22
Perpetuus Tidal Energy CentreOrbital Marine Power, EMECIsle of Wight, UKNew site, originally fully consented in 2016, currently going through re-consenting30MWOrbital O2 TBCDeployment outside scope of TIGER (2025)
Le Raz BlanchardNormandie HydroliennesNormandy, FRSite consent variation in progress, FEED12MWTBC likely SIMEC AR2000 series variantDeployment outside of scope of TIGER (2024-25)
HydroquestNormandy, FRSite consent variation in progress, FEED17 MWOceanquest next generation turbineDeployment outside of scope of TIGER (2024-25)
Paimpol-BréhatEDF, SEENEOH, Hydroquest & EMECBrittany, FRDeployed for testing & demonstration1MWOceanquest 1 MWDeployed (retrieval summer 2021)
EDF, SEENEOH & MinestoBrittany, FRTest site to be repurposed100kWDG1002022
Morbihan GulfMorbihan Hydro Energies SASBrittany, FRNew site to be consented500kWSabella turbines 2x D08 250kW2022
Ramsey Sound
Yarmouth Harbour
PTEC Isle of Wight
Le Raz Blanchard
Morbihan Gulf