Seanergy poster: Spatial variability of the flow and turbulence characteristics in a Tidal energy site: Case of the Raz Blanchard




The installation of tidal turbines or Tidal Energy Convertors (TEC) in specific site requires having a good knowledge of the flow characteristics both in terms of velocity and turbulence. Variation of
velocity along the vertical could induce a cyclic variation of the load on the blades travelling across several layers with different velocities, which could induce their fatigue. Also, a high loading
frequency induced by turbulence could increase the blade fatigue and damage the turbines. Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers deployed at tidal sites permit to characterize the flows but very
locally. As stated by Thiébaut et al. (2020), turbulence intensity is of primary importance in the location of the TEC. We study here the variability of the velocity and turbulence intensity profiles in
the Raz Blanchard, a tidal energy site located between the La Hague Cap and the Alderney Island.


Sylvain S. Guillou, Adrien Bourgoin, Jérôme Thiébot, Riadh Ata