Tidal Stream Technology and Project Development Final Lessons Learnt Report


TIGER WP T1 Final Lessons Learnt_Rev1.pdf
TIGER WP T1 Final Lessons Learnt_Rev1.pdf


The aim of this report is to disseminate the lessons learnt from the activities within work package T1. This V2 report is an update to the V1 report issued in May 2022, and also includes the lessons from the first half of the TIGER project (which were detailed in the May 2022 report).

The information within this report was compiled from information held by, and internal discussions between, ORE Catapult, Baldock Energy Limited, and T1 project partners.

The value to the wider industry of any lessons learnt report is often in the detail of the experiences, rather than in any overall generic conclusions which may appear abstractor obvious. This report therefore includes a number of the detailed experiences, to allow the wider industry to draw parallels between the experiences of TIGER and their own projects, even if wider industry participants face somewhat different circumstances. The project partners specific to any lessons learnt are not named in this report, to protect confidentiality, and in many cases the experiences were common to multiple partners. Likewise, to protect confidentiality, the full details of the experiences are not provided. It is noted that project partners’ experiences and the stated lessons learnt are not necessarily completely new to the sector – such experiences and lessons are included to remind readers of them and to highlight their importance.

Some of the experiences within TIGER form intellectual property that has commercial value to TIGER project partners and/or their suppliers. The sharing of lessons learnt has to balance the benefits of building a strong TSE industry with protecting the interests of TIGER project partners and/or suppliers and their investors. The internal process followed in developing this report has been open; however, there are some experiences and lessons discussed internally within TIGER that are not included in this report.