TIGER Supply Chain event at Seanergy



TIGER Supply Chain event at Seanergy

The second in a series of six supply chain events as part of the TIGER project, which took place on 15th June at the Seanergy Conference.

The event brought together leading industry players, including Paimpol-Bréhat demonstration site operators and world leading tidal technology & project developers, who are at the forefront of industrial tidal stream deployment. The aim of this event was to raise awareness and to accelerate the growth of the tidal energy sector and its supply chain.​


TIGER introduction: Hélène Morin – BDI​

Morbihan Hydro Energies / Sabella:  Thomas Archinard : Building a resilient supply chain for construction and deployment of tidal turbines in Brittany​

Normandie Hydroliennes – Drew Blaxland: Volume tidal array development, enabling local supply chain​

Hydroquest: Raphaël Coquet: From Oceanquest turbine to industrial scale deployment, Hydroquest’s strategy on development and industrialisation ​

Paimpol Bréhat tidal test site: Marlène Kiersnowski : History and objectives of the site: support technological developments from testing to commercial deployments​

Conclusions: Technology developers synergies and areas of cooperation​

Open discussion​

This physical event was hosted at the Seanergy Conference and was facilitated by partner Hydroquest.