TIGER Supply Chain event: Sea Tech Week

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You are invited to join the third in a series of six supply chain events as part of the TIGER project on 26 September from 1:45pm-4:00pm (CET) at the Sea Tech Week Conference. Register here.

The event ‘Installation, operation and maintenance of tidal turbines in commercial projects: how can the transport and logistics supply chain contribute to a reduced cost of tidal energy production’, will bring together leading industry players, including TIGER project partners Morbihan Hydro Energies, Sabella and Normandie Hydroliennes, Shipping and logistics provider Inyanga and representatives from the Belgian Offshore Wind Renewable Energy Cluster in Oostende in Belgium.

The aim of this event is to raise awareness and to accelerate the growth of the tidal energy sector and its supply chain.​







Hélène Morin, Head of the European affairs department

Bretagne Développement Innovation, France



Tiger project and lessons learnt about future supply chain development

Simon Cheeseman, TIGER project coordinator

TIGER Project



Growing opportunities in the supply chain with Morbihan Hydro Energies

Thomas Archinard, Project manager

Morbihan Hydro Energies, France



Future role of supply chains in reducing the cost of tidal energies with Normandie Hydroliennes

Steve Allsop, Loads & Modelling Engineer

Simec Atlantis, UK



Perspectives for 2030 in the French tidal supply chain for Hydroquest

Raphaël Coquet, Deputy Director

Hydroquest, France



A view for a logistics provider on further potential of tidal energy sector

Richard Parkinson, General manager

Inyanga Maritime, UK


3.45pm Exchange of views


4pm Conclusion

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