TIGER Webinar 2: Tidal energy opportunities for steel manufacturing and supply chain learning

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You are invited to join the second in a series of six supply chain seminar events as part of the TIGER project.

The theme is ‘Tidal energy opportunities for steel manufacturing and supply chain learning.’

The webinar will raise awareness of tidal stream supply chain opportunities for structural fabricators and explore potential areas for collaboration to achieve cost reductions. The aim is to accelerate the expansion and growth of the tidal energy sector, including the wider supply chain.

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  • TIGER introduction & overview: James Murray, Orbital Marine Power,
    Programme Manager
  • Orbital Marine Power: William Annal, Mechanical and Structural Engineering Manager
    Title:  Opportunities for steel fabricators in floating tidal energy.

Orbital Marine Power floating tidal turbine technology presents significant supply chain opportunities for steel fabricators and specialist providers.  This presentation highlights primary component areas and contracts available to steel fabricators and discusses how through collaborative engagement, manufacturing processes and supply chain cost reduction learning could be advanced to accelerate the expansion of the sector.

  • SIMEC Atlantis Energy: Fraser Johnson, MeyGen O&M Manager
    Title: AR series volume manufacture: lessons learnt and supply chain engagement

L'hydrolienne AR1500 a été installée à MeyGen en 2017 dans le cadre de ce projet initial de path finder de 6MW. Les enseignements tirés de cette fabrication et de l'exploitation continue de cet appareil ont permis d'identifier un certain nombre de domaines où les modifications de conception et les processus de fabrication alternatifs offrent des possibilités de réduire les CAPEX. La présentation mettra en évidence ces composants clés et invitera les fournisseurs à s'engager avec SAE pour réduire davantage le LCOE des turbines de la série AR.

  • Hydroquest: Raphaël Coquet, Tidal Project Director
    Title: Hydroquest tidal turbines steel structures – Design optimisation and industrial opportunities

The first 1MW Hydroquest tidal turbine was installed in Paimpol-Bréhat in Spring 2019. The future new generation of turbines was improved thanks to learnings from the design and manufacture of this first device. Hydroquest will presents cost reduction through design improvement and will invite suppliers to engage discussions about several collaboration opportunities regarding steel structure elements.

* Please note this live webinar will be recorded and made openly accessible as per Interreg funding requirements.

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